Alfailaq Healthy & Vegetarian

Everything You Need To Know About Us & Our Farms


Alfailaq Farms for the production of table eggs is one of the branches of Alfailaq company licensed by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia.


The first choice for the consumer in the Gulf and the Middle East.

The Message

Providing healthy 100% vegetarian table eggs in various packages that enhance the consumer’s taste.


Work always and never to satisfy our customers and to provide what satisfies their aspirations and meets their desires from a variety of products and multiple options of the table eggs

Origin And Evolution

It was established under the name of the Golden Alfailaq for Agriculture in 1991 with a production capacity of 24 million eggs per year according to a land system until 2010, which witnessed a quantum leap through the shift from the ground system to the battery system to collect and package table eggs with an automatic system, and in 2016 the establishment was transformed from Golden Alfailaq for Agriculture to Alfailaq Company Ltd.